A New Way to Think About Construction Site Monitoring

Traditionally, job site monitoring was simply part of a construction project’s security plan. However, with the increasing power and technology driving construction site cameras, it’s time to revisit how you think about construction site monitoring.

It’s About More Than Security

Since 2019, a few things have had a tremendous impact on the construction industry generally, and jobsite security industry specifically. For one a global pandemic severely cut down on access to construction projects for non-essential workers. Between social distancing guidelines for safety, and the fear of contagion experienced by workers, fully staffing a construction project became difficult for many construction firms. While this concern is easing, the job site monitoring industry including companies that provide security personnel are still slow to fully return to pre-pandemic operations.

In addition, as project progress slowed or was delayed by the pandemic, construction companies began looking at ways to decrease costs including manpower without sacrificing efficiency and safety. Construction site cameras suddenly became more than just a budget consideration falling under jobsite security. Construction site cameras needed to pull double and triple duty to justify the costs. Instead of just addressing jobsite security, construction site cameras monitored other essential processes and responsibilities.

Remote Job Site Monitoring

Remote job site monitoring leverages several technologies that make it much easier to a manage large project or multiple small to medium projects without needing entirely separate management teams.

If you manage one small project, it is easy to think small. However, when you manage multiple projects, spread across town or across the country, thinking small costs you time and money. Today’s construction site cameras can do much more than statically record a single view on your construction site. With the right job site monitoring solution, many responsibilities that previously required an in person visit to the job site can be accomplished remotely. As a project manager or construction administrator, being many places at once could be a game changing opportunity.

Some other aspects of construction site management can now also be addressed by powerful construction site cameras and technologies. Here are a few:

Progress reporting: SiteKick is one of a handful of job site monitoring solutions that track important on-site data including environmental conditions like such as temperature, humidity, and CO2. SiteKick even generates reports on work completed, potential safety or security issues, can record video evidence for law enforcement and insurance and can assist in providing video data for safety or building inspections.

Staff and Inventory Tracking: With automated sensors and wearables, know who is on your job site. Track inventory to find what you need before you need it. With the right combination of technologies, you can even use your job site monitoring solution to automate time and attendance capture as well as assist in staffing decisions and safety training.

The Bottom Line

Before the pandemic, it was easy to view construction site cameras as a simple solution for a simple problem – monitoring your job site to prevent theft or vandalism. The times have changed and getting more from your chosen jobsite monitoring solution is rapidly becoming a requirement rather than an item on your wish list. As a project manager or construction site administrator, only you can appreciate how valuable a remote job site monitoring solution can be for your business. If you’re interested in seeing how modern construction cameras can improve your business operations, including saving you time and money on every project, contact us for an informative demonstration of all the ways SiteKick can help you build a better future.