Know what you have on construction sites with cameras

The integration of technology into the construction industry has revolutionized a variety of tiresome chores, but none as well as inventory management. Taking inventory on a construction site is much easier with cameras at your disposal, know what you have on construction sites with cameras SiteKick. Here are three easy steps you can take to … Read more

Your Construction Camera Checklist: A Simple Guide

A construction camera checklist is a great way to ensure you are doing everything you can to prevent theft, injury, and even wasted resources in your job site. Knowing what to look for in a construction camera is as important as any other security measure you undertake. Construction sites are filled with valuable assets including … Read more

Partnering with Technology in Construction

Every industry has its visionaries, and construction technology isn’t without its share. At SiteKick, our platform is about monitoring the present, but our business model is about seeing the future; using technology to promote safety, security, and success.   It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we choose to partner with other visionaries, in a variety of fields and industries to make sure we … Read more

The ROI of Construction Cameras

If the safety and security of your employees and assets are important to you, the return on investment (ROI) of construction cameras might be of interest to your bottom line. Let us look at some statistics to understand the problem and discover if technology offers the most cost-effective solution.  As much as $1 billion is lost annually by construction companies due to … Read more

Using cameras on construction sites as a tool

Cameras and video surveillance are becoming increasingly common for any business, but they are an absolute necessity when you handle the safety and well-being of your construction site employees. If you are one of the thousands of construction industry professionals concerned about employee safety, theft, and workplace conduct, using video cameras on your construction site could increase productivity, safety, and security.  But … Read more

Ryan Companies Bests COVID-19 and Project Performance with SiteKick’s SiteSupt

Software integration sounds like an issue for IT nerds, but for Ryan Companies’ VP of Insights and Innovation, Mike Ernst, it’s a key step in getting the general contractor’s people using information tools to drive construction efficiency. And OK, underneath the 21st-Century title, Ernst may be a bit of an IT nerd, but the story of … Read more

First Embedded Field Productivity App Ever!

Procore Embedded Experience Official Announcement We’re super excited to take the partnership to the next level with Procore by being the first embedded field productivity app ever! The consistent reaction to the embedded experience is “that’s awesome!”